Educational Products & Services for the 21st Century

The Challenge of Education Today

Education today faces more challenges than ever before.  Looming budget cuts, crowded classrooms, under-resourced curricula, the elimination of the arts and outdoor/environmental education, concerted lack of professional development, an ever more diverse student population, over-worked and over-whelmed teachers – and yet, never before has the opportunity for learning and innovation been as present as it is today.  Technology has flattened the world, and a wealth of information is right at our fingertips.  No longer is it sufficient to simply learn a prescribed course of study.

At Curriculum Essentials, we believe in producing quality products and services designed to get at the heart --the “essence”—of teaching and learning. We are committed to creating tools and services that foster creativity, innovation, critical literacy, global citizenship, and ethical leadership in our students and teachers alike.  For the success of our children will depend on the development of such skills and knowledge, in a future that is very different than the reality that past generations experienced.


A 21st Century Education

Our world and most certainly our economy has completely transformed in the last few decades.  However, our educational methods, approaches, and structures have not changed to match pace.  Our current educational system is designed to prepare students for work in the industrial age, in factories and on assembly lines.  But instead of skilled labor, the job market todayis founded on skilled creative thinking.  We have moved into the information age, where the value of one’s work is often based on how skillfully one can navigate, evaluate, and synthesize vast bodies of knowledge.

We live in a digital society where unique and individualized learning is at the fingertips of everyone who has access to the nearest wi-fi.  The skills and knowledge valued in past ages will not ensure success in this age.  Curriculum Essentials recognizes these shifting realities and creates 21st century products and services that inspire and prepare individuals for success in the new age and beyond.


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